Yee Lim Adhesives Factory 4


Yee Lim Adhesives Industries is one of the biggest, earliest adhesive and glue manufacturer in Singapore today, built on a strong foundation of 40 years of experience and an everlastingly innovative spirit. Yee Lim is rooted in humble origins, starting out as a shoe factory. Upon shifting our focus to adhesives for both commercial and industrial usages, our productions and operations grew exponentially. Over the years, Yee Lim has grown from a home-based manufacturing to a fully-operational factory with over 20,000 square feet of production space under the leadership of Mr Chiu.


Yee Lim Adhesives Industries continuously strives to produce the best quality adhesives and to provide the best customer service to all our clients. Atop of the products and services we provide, the trust and satisfaction of our customers have always been the key driver to our success and a virtue we cherish. The faith in our products and our long-standing reputation constantly motivates us to be efficient and consistent in all our operations. Due to our strong and wide client base, we are always creating more and better tailored industrial uses of our adhesives.

Today, our vast array of products are widely used in multiple industries; Construction Adhesives & Glues, Chemical Adhesives & Glues, Carpentry Adhesives & Glues, Furniture Adhesives & Glues, Marine Adhesives & Glues, Hardware Adhesives & Glues, Leather & Craft Products Adhesives & Glues, OEM services and many more. Being a veteran in the adhesive industry, Yee Lim Adhesives Industries is ever ready to take the lead in innovation and improvements of our products and services, to satisfy all our clients. We are constantly realigning ourselves closely to the foundation that has been set forth, upholding our mission and values to ensure that all our clients receive the best products and services.

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit"