Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Adhesives & Glues

Q: Are there specific adhesives/glue for specific work? Can a glue be used for different purpose?

A: There are specific adhesives/glues for specific works. It isn’t an easy feat to get the right glue for your task on hand. If you do not get the right adhesives/glues, your painstaking effort will fall apart and result in bad adhesion. Do approach our friendly consultant and we will be please to offer assistance to choose the right adhesives/glues.

Q: How can the adhesives/glues be applied?

A: Our products consist of normal adhesives and spray adhesives. Choose the right type of adhesives/glues that suit your working environment and application method (hand sprayed, machine sprayed, rolled and brushed).

Q: What if the adhesives/glues I required is not listed on the site?

A: If there are no suitable adhesives or glues listed on the website, do drop a call or email to us and we will be please to offer you specially formulated adhesives that is catered to your work.

Q: Where can I buy the adhesives/glues in Singapore?

A: Thank you for your interest! These adhesives/ glues can be purchased either from our shop/office located at Eunos or our factory located at Benoi Place.

Q: Where can I buy the adhesives/glues overseas?

A: Thank you for your interest! Some of our products are exported overseas. If you require these adhesives, you may enquire with us about the stocks at your local market. If not, arrangement could be made for export of these adhesives/glues to your country.

Q: Do you offer delivery services?

A: We do offer delivery services if the purchase exceeds our minimum quota. If the purchase does not exceed the minimum quota and you require our delivery services, we will be please to assist your request at a small fee.

Q: Can I pick up these adhesives/glues from Eunos or Benoi?

A: Definitely! Convenience is the key to enhance customer service. If you would like to pick up the adhesives/glues from our factory, kindly contact our shop/office for special arrangement.

Q: Are these adhesives/glues ready stock?

A: It depends on the type and quantity of adhesives/glues purchased. Stocks are ready for smaller quantity purchase while larger quantity purchase requires additional lead time of 3 – 5 days from ordering to delivery. Don’t shy away, drop us a call and state the adhesives/glues type with the quantity and we will advise you accordingly!


Other questions?

Drop us a call or email for further inquiries.