Contact Adhesives or Contact Cement

Contact adhesives, also known as contact cement, is a special type of adhesives manufactured using either natural or synthetic rubber. Contact adhesives/Contact cement are “traditional” kind of solvent-based adhesives that is usually yellow in colour and is commonly used to laminate wood works.

For many, the process of bonding two surfaces will simply be applying adhesives/glue on one side, immediately pasting it on the other side and leaving it to dry on its own. While this process may work for other adhesives, this will not be the optimal method to apply it to contact adhesive/contact cement.

The trick to applying contact adhesives/contact cement is to wait till it dries up before bonding the pieces together! It is a common mistake to attempt to bond both sides together too soon as users are worried that the adhesives/glue will not be sticky after it dries up. While this may be true for other adhesives/glue, it is definitely not be the same for contact adhesives/contact cement.

How to apply contact adhesive/contact cement appropriately?
1. Apply sufficient adhesives on both surface to be bonded, ensuring that the entire surface area to be bonded is being covered with adhesives.
2. By applying sufficient adhesives on the surfaces will result in optimal results. Over or insufficient adhesives will result in bad adhesion.
3. Wait till both surface is sufficiently dried before pressing both pieces together. Do not allow too much time apart after the adhesive had fully dried as this could result in bad adhesion as well.
* Joining surfaces before drying up will cause the non-exposed area to have difficulties in drying up.

One must know that the more evenly the adhesive is distributed and dried, the stronger it will perform. Contact adhesives/Contact cement could be applied with the help of a paintbrush roller and/or small brush so as to ensure even coating and work efficient when working with contact adhesives/contact cement.

Where to buy contact adhesives/contact cement?
Yee Lim Adhesives Industries had operate through older days till today and have vast amount of knowledge and experience with such “traditional” solvent-based contact adhesives/contact cement. We offer large variety of contact cement/contact adhesives that will suit your specific work.

If you wish to inquire more about our contact adhesives/contact cement, please do feel free to drop us an email or call and we will do our utmost to answer your queries. You may also visit here to view our adhesives/glue listing.

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  1. I’m looking to glue laminate to counter top.
    Do you have contact glue that is easy to spread?
    I have used some others but find the spreading of the glue uneven.
    Personal DIY

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