Furniture and Carpentry Lamination Adhesive

Lamination represents a major process in our home/office design as it is the topmost layer that exhibits the design, mood and finishes to our furniture or carpentry. When it comes to interior furnishing or carpentry works, plywood, veneers and laminates are often the top choice for its surface finishing as it produces durable and easy-matching design to our home.

The common bonding agent used to hold these laminates together are generally known as contact adhesives. It is important to choose the right type of adhesives so as to produce a durable and perfect finishing.

Rhino Brand 909 is an in-house adhesive brand specially formulated and manufactured for furniture and carpentry lamination. This adhesive displays excellent flexibility, heat and water resistance, which is the typical environment we will find in every household. Users of this adhesive will also find that it exhibits excellent spreading with quick drying properties that helps to improve work effectiveness and efficiency.

Application of Rhino Brand 909 contact adhesive:

– Ensure surface is clean and dry.
– Using a trowel, brush or roller, apply thin layer of adhesives on both sides of the bonding surface (E.g. Laminates and furniture surface).
* For porous surface, if required, apply a second layer of adhesive when the first layer has dried.
– Wait for both surface to become tack-free (dry on touch). Tack-free time varies and is based on user, thickness of adhesives applied and environment.
– Align bonding surface together and press down firmly together to create a permanent bond. The initial strength of Rhino Brand 909 is sufficient to hold the pieces together. Full strength of the adhesive can be achieved upon full cure.

More information regarding this adhesive can be found here. If you do not find complete answers to your queries, feel free to call us, drop us a contact form or email us directly at contact@yeelim.com.sg. We will be pleased to offer more information and advise to your queries.

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