Launch of Fugitive Glue/Adhesive

Fugitive adhesive, also known as booger glue, glue dots, gooey glue or snot glue is a low-tack adhesive that is commonly used in marketing industry where a subject (credit card, discount coupons, samples) is bonded to a surface (usually paper).

Do you recall an instance where you have to pull off the card that came bonded with your snail mail? Free product samples that are glued to the magazine page? Fugitive glue/adhesive usually creates a non-permanent and non-resealable joint upon drying. More interestingly, these fugitive adhesives does not leave any residue or tear on the applied products, ensuring that all contact between the subjects are clean and neat.

The process of applying fugitive glue/adhesives usually requires additional equipment – hot melt glue gun. The fugitive adhesives are usually manufactured in a solid form and would require heat to melt the adhesives into liquid form. Upon melting, these adhesives will then be applied on the surface to be bonded. When dried, the adhesives form its applied shape and hold the subject in place.

Recently, fugitive glue/adhesives can be purchased off-the-shelves packaged as ready-to-use “Glue Dots” and these adhesives does not require the above mentioned process. Although the adhesives does not require an additional equipment, it does not usually come cheap. The glue dot size are limited by the manufacturer and user have no control over their required size and this could result in wastage. If the fugitive glue/adhesives is required in large quantity, such pre-packed product and cost will never be an ideal choice.

Yee Lim Adhesives Industries fully understand the trouble of an additional hardware, process and extra cost incurred during the application of fugitive adhesives and thus, we are pleased to officially launch the manufacturing of Fugitive/Booger/Gummy Adhesives in paste form. By offering these adhesives in a paste form, we took on the advantage of both mentioned points – to manufacture fugitive glue/adhesive that requires no additional hardware for application and at the same time, allowing users to apply only the required amount to get the job done. This creates flexibility in application process and lowering cost and effort incurred.
Where can I find these adhesives/glue?

Yee Lim Adhesives Industries now offers Fugitive adhesives/Glue Dots in paste form. Glue/Adhesive are packed in sizes of ¼ Gallon and 200ml bottle. If you wish to inquiry more about our fugitive adhesive/Glue Dot, please do drop us an email or call and we will do our utmost to answer to your queries.

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