Singapore Green Label Adhesive

Green Label Carpet Tile Glue

Yee Lim Adhesives Industries had successfully launched the all new environmental friendly and water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive/glue. This adhesive/glue is Singapore Green Label certified “Fit-for-Use”, low VOC and low emission.

Today, adhesive usage is still a popular choice for bonding and joining substrates in many industries. The shift towards “Green” and “Eco-Friendly” was motivated by the uprising concern for human and environment health when dealing with adhesive products.

In addition, handling adhesives indoor (E.g. Carpet tile installation, Pressure sensitive applications) could be unbearable to some. The Low VOC and Low Emission properties gives end-user and their clients a peace of mind and comfort during and after installation made with this adhesive.

Premier Brand G100 is suitable for (but not limited to):
– Carpet tile bonding
– Vinyl tile bonding
– Pressure sensitive bonding
– Others not listed

More information about the product is available here.

Premier Brand G100 – Eco-Friendly, Low VOC & Low Emission is available for sales at:

Yee Lim Adhesives Industries
Office/Shop: 1041 Eunos Ave 4, #01-88, Singapore 409793
Factory: 9 Benoi Place, Singapore 629929

If you have further enquiries with regards to the adhesive and its usage, do feel free to drop us an inquiry through phone, email or contact form and we will be pleased to offer our advise.

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