Horsemen™ 707S

Horsemen™ 707S

Base: Solvent Based
  • Scrape
  • Brush
  • Roll
  • Vehicle upholstery
  • Rubber Tiles/Mats
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Packaging
  • General purpose



Horsemen™ Brand 707S adhesive is a solvent based adhesive that is largely used across multiple industries. The formulation of this adhesive provides excellent spray capabilities and dry time and thus, is being widely used in industries that requires efficiency and short working time.

The adhesive also provides great adhesion to a variety of materials such as cushion, leather, waterproofing membranes and other general purpose work.

Brand: Horsemen
Code: 707S
Type: Foam & Sponge Adhesive, Leather Adhesive
Base: Solvent-Based
Form: Liquid
Colour: Yellow
Application: Spray, Brush or Roll
  • Adhesion for vehicle interior upholstery
  • Adhesion of rubber mat tiles to concrete
  • Furniture upholstery (Sofa making)
  • Packaging
  • General purpose
Available Packaging: 1 US Gallon, 18L