Premier Brand 100

Premier Brand 100

Base: Water Based
  • Scrape
  • Brush
  • Roll
  • Carpet Tile
  • Labels



Premier Brand 100 series water based adhesives is a range of pressure sensitive adhesive that delivers high bonding strength to meet the demanding requirements. Premier™ Brand 100 adhesive is widely used for carpet tiling purpose and had proven to work for both soft and rigid base carpet tiles. The flexibility and resiliency of the adhesive gives users a peace of mind in the harsh environment as the adhesive can withhold long term friction caused by user interaction (such as walking) after fully cured. Application of adhesive over these tiles will improve finishes, increase durability and prevent “hollowness” between the ground and the tiles.

The carpet tile adhesive provides sufficient open time for laying and readjustments of carpet laying works and the quick drying properties allow works to be completed within shorter period of time. Since carpet laying works are generally complete indoors, Premier™ Brand 100 series carpet tile adhesives are formulated to emit low to no odor during and after application.

Apart from carpet tile, this adhesive is also suitable for manufacturing of pressure sensitive adhesive labels. This adhesive will be applied on the backing of the paper and thereafter left to dry. Upon drying and curing, the adhesive remains its tacky and the label will be ready to be bonded onto the desired surfaces.

Brand: Premier
Code: 100
Type: Carpet Tile Adhesives
Base: Water Based
Form: Liquid
Colour: White (Transparent when dried.)
Application: Scrape, Brush or Roll
  • Carpet tile bonding
  • Labels bonding
Available Packaging: 18L