Rhino™ Brand 909

Improved Formula

Large amount of effort and time had been focused on improvising the formula of Rhino 909, and it is now even better than before.


Rhino™ Brand 909 is a solvent based adhesive formulated to work best for laminate works. Rhino™ Brand 909 is specially formulated to allow easy and sufficient time for application. When cured and adhered properly, this adhesive delivers excellent finish, durability and strength for bonding of laminating sheets (E.g. Formica Sheets) to carpentry works and furnitures.

Rhino™ Brand 909 can be found in hardware store, priced competitively among its competitor and its definitely worthy for the quality it delivers.

  • Laminate Works
  • Laminate for carpentry
  • Laminate for furniture


Brand: Rhino™
Code: 909
Type: Carpentry & Furniture Adhesive
Base: Solvent-Based
Form: Liquid
Colour: Yellow
Application: Brush or Roll
Usage: Laminate Works (E.g. Door, Table, Cabinet, Wood and etc.)
Available Packaging: 1 US Gallon
Applying/Using the adhesive

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